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 eBay Listings

Kijiji is always striving to improve the search results when you’re browsing the site, and now, you have more buying options at your fingertips. We’re excited to announce the introduction of eBay ads! In the “Buy & Sell” and “Cars & Vehicles” categories, up to 2 eBay listings per page may appear in your search results, which will be easily identified by an ‘eBay’ logo.

How are they different from regular ads?
  • When you click on an eBay ad, you’ll be directed to the Kijiji listing page to view the item details, however rather than seeing the regular email reply option, you’ll see a “Buy on eBay” button.  This button will redirect you to the item’s page on, where you can complete your purchase.
  • You’ll see “+ Shipping” to remind you that there may be a shipping cost associated with the item, as it will typically be shipped to you directly from the eBay seller.  Many eBay sellers, however, offer free shipping within Canada.  The shipping details can be found on the eBay item page.
  • Kijiji will only display eBay ads for items that are located in Canada.  Please keep in mind that because sellers offer shipping, they may come from anywhere in Canada, not just the Kijiji city in which you’re searching.
January 24, 2017