Help Desk

 In-App Messaging


Replying to another buyer or seller while using the Kijiji app just got a whole lot easier!  Introducing “In-App Messaging”, the instant messaging feature available on iOS and Android devices!  

This handy new feature allows registered users to communicate with others quickly and easily when signed into their My Kijiji account.  You can now send, receive and manage all of your messages within the app itself, saving you all kinds of valuable time!  

Once you sign in to the Kijiji app, finding this feature is a cinch.  When viewing an ad, you’ll see an orange “Chat” banner.  Simply click on it, write your message and click “Send”.  

To see your messages, simply tap the “Messages” icon at the bottom of the screen, and you’ll be redirected to your own “My Messages” page, where you can converse back and forth. Alternatively, you can still reply to a user via the email notification you’ll receive just as you normally would.  

Please note:  
  • This feature is not currently available for business listings
  • This feature is not available for unregistered users. Communication between a potential buyer and seller will continue to happen via email.
  • So we don’t miss a beat, any previous conversations will automatically display within 'My Messages'.  To delete any messages that are no longer relevant, simply swipe the message to the left and press ‘Delete’.
  • The lifespan of conversations is 30 days from the last message sent within the conversation.
So, what’s left to do now?  Sign up, sign in and get chatting!