The Saved Items feature allows you to keep your eye on ads that interest you. You can easily save and compare up to 100 different ads at one time.


Saving Ads

If you’re on the search results page, click the grey heart to the top left of the ad's image. If you’re viewing the Ad Detail page, you can click the Save heart at the bottom of the page. A solid blue heart indicates that it has been saved.


Accessing Your Saved Ads

To access saved ads, click the My Autos menu located at the top of the Kijiji Autos homepage, then click Saved Items.


Removing Saved Ads

To remove a Saved ad while on the search results page or Ad Details page, click the blue heart button again.

To remove one or more Saved ads without viewing the ad’s page:

1Click on My Autos.
2Select Saved Items.
3From Saved Items page, click Edit. A box will appear over the image on each ad. Select the boxes on all of the ads that you’d like to remove, then click Delete.