Category Updates

Vehicle Parts & Accessories

Auto parts and accessories now have their own section. Instead of sorting through each vehicle type to find the parts you’re looking for, you now have the option of searching all vehicle parts at once.

You can find these categories by selecting Cars & Vehicles, then Vehicle Parts, Tires, & Accessories. Once you select the main Vehicle Parts, Tires, & Accessories category, you’ll be able to see more subcategories if you’d like to filter by the type of part or vehicle.


Business & Industrial

Business & Industrial is expanding with some new subcategories. We’ve added 4 subcategories for all of your business needs:

  • Industrial Kitchen Supplies
  • Industrial Shelving & Racking
  • Storage Containers
  • Other Business & Industrial

Security Systems

The Electronics category is also getting its first new subcategory called Security Systems. You can use this category to buy and sell security cameras, alarm systems, and related products.