Closing the Tickets Category

Since Kijiji launched in 2005, our goal has always been to provide our community with a successful, trustworthy platform to buy and sell goods. In recent years, the Tickets category has grown in popularity and providing a successful ticket buying and selling experience remains and has always been a challenge. As tickets shift from paper to electronic files, verifying that the codes are authentic and functioning has become difficult for the average buyer.

To ensure that our community is provided with the easiest and most successful experience, we’ve decided to close the Tickets category on Kijiji. On July 29, we will disable the option to post or repost ads in the Tickets category. You will still be able to browse and reply to existing ads that have not expired. When all ads have expired (approximately 60 days from July 29), the Tickets category will officially be shut down.

For a greater likelihood of success, we are encouraging our community to buy and sell tickets on Kijiji’s partner StubHub. StubHub is a best in class ticketing partner that lets you buy and sell tickets safely and easily on the world’s largest ticket marketplace. Through their FanProtect guarantee and other benefits that address the complexities of buying and selling tickets, StubHub is able to offer full refunds or replacements if an issue occurs when buying a ticket, including if the event is cancelled and not rescheduled.

For more information on buying and selling successfully on Kijiji, please read our safety articles.

To learn about our policies surrounding community event tickets, please read our new Tickets policies.