Job Professional Logos

One of the many benefits of having a Job Professional account is being able to add logos to your listings and Gallery page free of charge. Not only is this an excellent way to advertise your business, it also helps increase the visibility of your ads when potential employees are browsing the site. 
To upload your logos:
Sign In to your Kijiji account and click My Kijiji.
Choose My Profile from the drop down menu.
Scroll down the My Profile page to the Company Logos section and select Choose File to upload your logo or Remove to delete it.
Enter your password at the bottom of the page and click Save Changes.
Your logo will be displayed on 3 different pages:
  • Gallery Page - Have your logo appear at the top the page that shows all of your listed ads. We suggest a 728 x 90 pixel logo.
  • Search Results Page - Have your logo appear with your ads in search results. We suggest a 120 x 60 pixel logo.
  • Ad Detail Page - Have your logo appear under the About the Poster section of your ad’s page. We suggest a 300 x 120 pixel logo.