Kijiji for Retail

Kijiji users are smart, savvy and know how to shop for a great deal. Kijiji for Retail offers simple paid advertising solutions that make it easy for businesses and high volume sellers to take greater control of their online listings, and add more value to their business by placing their products where buyers are looking for them. The categories currently available for posting with Kijiji for Retail are the following:

  • Buy & Sell > All categories (with the exception of Tickets and Garage Sales)
  • Cars & Vehicles > Auto Parts & Tires

Performance Listings

You call the shots! Target your audience, determine your reach and get your items sold, without them getting lost among regular Kijiji ads. Set your own budget. You’ll only pay when someone clicks on your ad, and you can choose exactly how much you want to spend. Show off your products with a digital storefront. Kijiji's Performance Listings are a smart solution which can be used by any seller, and offers no posting limits in all categories, no expiration period per ad, guaranteed positions in all relevant browse and search results pages, and more!


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