Where Is My Ad?

If you can’t find your ads, don’t stress! Read the appropriate section below for help finding it.

Your Ad is Active, but Not Searchable

If your ad is active but you can’t find it on the site, remember to include your local area as well as your ad’s category in the search bar. Looking in too wide an area or category can make even highly ranked ads hard to find.

If you’re using keywords and still cannot find your ads, remember that keywords need to be exact. Double check that the words you’re using to search are actually included in your ad, and are spelled the same way.

If you’ve applied a feature to your ad, please click the relevant link below:

Your Ads are in the Inactive Tab

Ads can be inactive after creation for a few different reasons. The good news is that you’ll be able to get your ad up and running in no time!


It can take up to 12 hours for ads to go through our system before they are posted on Kijiji. This is a normal part of the posting process and your ad should be posted automatically afterwards; this also may apply to some edited ads.


If your ad is listed as Pending, you may need to apply a listing fee. Click Activate Ad and fill in your payment details to apply the listing fee. To learn more about listing fees, click on the most appropriate link below:

On Hold

If your ad is placed on hold by our customer service team, you should receive an email that explains the reason. Please contact our customer service team to correct the issue.

Your Ad is Not in the My Ads Section

If you cannot find your ad in your account by clicking My Ads, please be sure you are signed into the correct account. You can check which account you’re signed into by going into Account Settings. The email shown there should be the same address that received the “Your Kijiji Ad Is Active!” confirmation email.

Once signed into the account used to post the ad, you can see if it is pending by selecting My Ads, and clicking on Inactive.

If you’re signed into the same account but still do not see your ad, look in your email for a deletion notice. If your ad was removed, you should see an email that explains the cause.


Still having trouble? You can contact our customer service team here.