Help Desk

 App-Specific Articles

Our Help Desk is now fully integrated in our iOS and Android apps! With a quick tap, you can now easily access all of our how-to’s, our policies, our troubleshooting and our safety tips from any platform!  While most of the information found in the Help Desk isn’t device-specific, we’ve made sure that what’s relevant is.   For instance, you’ll notice that the steps for “How to Post an Ad” from a desktop computer differ from those posting from the iOS and/or Android apps.  

As seen below, Help Desk articles that do have different versions will contain three options directly under the article title.  You can choose the Web (aka. desktop computer, and also the default), iOS or Android version by clicking on the appropriate link.  With the right information at your fingertips, using Kijiji is a snap!  

January 12, 2017