Help Desk

 How to Post an Ad

Posting an ad on Kijiji is hassle-free. For a step-by-step guide, please watch our helpful video or follow the instructions below.

Before you post, ensure you have selected the closest, most appropriate Kijiji location to you. Registered users may log into their account by selecting “Sign In” beforehand.

To post an ad:
Select the “Post Ad FREE” button found at the top of any page (below “Sign In” link).

Select the category and sub-category (if required) in which you’d like your ad to appear. 

You will be directed to our "Post Your Ad" page where you can enter your ad’s details including price, description, images & video and choose additional features for increased exposure.

To post a wanted ad: select “I Want” under "Ad Type". Please note: this option will be missing from the Jobs and Resumes categories because Resumes is the wanted section for Jobs. 

To post as free or swap/ trade: select a price of "Free" or “Swap / Trade”. Please note: only items that are being offered for free, with no additional stipulations, are permitted to be posted in this manner.
Select “Post Your Ad” at the bottom of the page once completed. Unregistered users will receive an email in order to activate their ad.

Watch Video Tutorial