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 Ad Limit Change

The “bikes” and the “home – indoor” categories of the Buy and Sell section are getting a facelift! Starting June 16th, 2016, a new live ad posting limit will come into effect for these categories. When/If you post more than the maximum allowable number of free ads, you’ll be redirected to Admarkt, Kijiji’s newest advertising solution that gives you full control of an unlimited number of ads on Kijiji.  It’s a great way to get your ads seen by people interested in your products!

You’re welcome to post and maintain up to 6 free ads in the “bikes” category, and up to 20 free ads in the “home – indoors” category. Alternatively, you’ll be able to take advantage of unlimited ad posting to your very own target audience via Admarkt.  It’s easy, just link your Kijiji account during the sign up process, import your current Kijiji ads into Admarkt or create new ads, and set your budget! If you want to get a head start, we’ll make things very easy and efficient for you by importing all of your existing Kijiji ads into Admarkt up to the June 16th date, at no charge.


All Kijiji ads within the impacted categories (Bike & Home-Indoor) over the new category-specific ad posting limit will be removed (expired) from buyer visibility on Kijiji. The expired ads will remain available for sellers to import into their Kijiji-email address linked Admarkt account.  Rest assured that if you have any paid features on these ads, they’ll remain live until your paid features are fulfilled, even if you exceed the new posting limit. Once the features expire, so will the ad if it’s over the posting limit.

If you don’t move your ads to Admarkt, you can always continue to manage your free ads (under the posting limit) and buy features for those ads exactly as you have always done before on Kijiji.

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To link your Kijiji account today and get started, visit our Admarkt site.

If you’re new to Admarkt or have questions about the Ad Limit Change, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.