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 Top Ad Feature

On top of the world! The Top Ad feature upgrades your ad so that a second copy appears in the "Top Ads" section at the top of a category listings page. More people read and reply to these ads because of their prominent position on the first page of a category.  Simply put, buying a Top Ad is the best way to help sell your item because it gets 9 times more views than a regular ad!

You have the option of purchasing a Top Ad for 3, 7 or 30 days, depending on the category. This option is available when you post or edit your ad, in a drop down box shown in the features table.

Please note:
  • The Top Ad feature does not change the position of your ad in the general listings.
  • If more than 5 Top Ads are purchased in a category, only five will be shown at a time. The ads will rotate each time the page is loaded in order to ensure equal visibility.
  • You can see all Top Ads for a category by clicking the "See all" link that appears in the Top Ads section. 

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