Help Desk

 Sending & Receiving Replies

So you’ve found that perfect something on Kijiji? Here’s how to get it!

To send a reply:
Contact the seller of an item by using the "Email Poster" box found directly under the "Poster Contact Information" section on the right-hand side of an ad.  Enter your email address, a message to the seller and the verification code (this code helps us stop SPAM replies). 

If you wish to receive a copy of the reply simply check “Send me a copy of email”.

Select “Send Email” and your reply will be sent. The seller can then contact you directly.

Please note that when logged into, your email will automatically appear in the “Email Poster” form when viewing Ads. This email address is only visible to you. This feature helps you reply faster and avoid typos!

Receiving a reply
When someone replies to your ad (yippee!), you will receive the response directly to the email address you used to post the ad. This will include the reply email address of the interested party. You will then be able to email this person directly. The replier will not see your email address, unless you choose to email them back.

It’s useful to add and to your email safe list just in case replies to your ad land in your spam or junk folder.