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 The Latest Version of the Android App

We are pleased to announce the release of our new and improved Android App (Version 3.3)! 
What's new in Version 3.3:
  • Notice any ads that go against Kijiji Policies?  You can now report them to us by clicking on the Report Ad button within any Kijiji ad. 
Also, check out these recent exciting features: 
  • A slew of design changes across the app. In this update, we simplified the post ad process, so start posting away! 
  • The issue with swiping through full screen images has been fixed.

**Pro Tip**

Did you know that you can refine your search terms easily just like one can on the website? For example, one can filter out dealers or private sellers. Narrow down your results to find what you are looking for! How to use this time-saving feature: 

Enter your search term and/ or browse by category [Cars & trucks, in this case]. Once your search has loaded, tap Refine, and select whatever options you like! 
For more information about this mobile App, please visit the following link: