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 Ad Posting Limit

To better enhance the buying and selling experience on Kijiji, a new live ad posting limit* will come into effect for twenty Buy & Sell and 1 Cars & Vehicles categories. When/If you post more than the maximum allowable number of free ads, you’ll be asked to sign up for Admarkt, our new ad management tool for pro-sellers. Admarkt offers enhanced selling capabilities like posting one ad in multiple locations across Canada, a sleek new Ad Manager, and fixed positions in search results!

You’re still welcome to post and maintain free ads in these categories, if they fall under the posting limit; or you can take advantage of no posting limits in all categories with Admarkt. Signing up is easy: update your existing Kijiji account with new details (enhanced profile building and billing info), import your current Kijiji ads or create new ones, and set your budget. To give you a head start, we’ll make things super convenient by importing your existing Kijiji ads into the new Ad Manager.

Categories with Changes to Ad Posting Limits
CategoryLive Ad per Account Posting Limit
Bikes6 ads
Cameras, Camcorders9 ads
Clothing23 ads
Computers8 ads
Computer Accessories10 ads
Electronics9 ads
Health, Special Needs9 ads
Home - Indoor20 ads
Home - Outdoor8 ads
Jewelry, Watches18 ads
Musical Instruments9 ads
Sporting Goods, Exercise9 ads
Tools14 ads
TVs5 ads
Video Games, Consoles13 ads
Business Industrial 10 ads
Furniture 10 ads
Home Appliances 6 ads
Home Reno Materials 10 ads
Phones6 ads
Tires & Rims (Cars & Vehicles) 8 ads
What happens to your ads currently live in these categories? 

As of September 29th, 2016, all ads within the above categories over the identified ad posting limit will remain live until the natural 60-day ad life expires. When the ad expires, it will remain available to you to import into the new Admarkt Ad Manager. Rest assured that if you have any paid features on these ads, they’ll stay visible and live until they’re fulfilled, even if you exceed the new posting limit. If you are still over your posting limit, when the feature expires, so will the ad.

If you don’t move your ads over to Admarkt, you may continue to manage your free, under the limit ads and buy features exactly as you’ve always done.

For answers to commonly asked questions about Admarkt, visit our FAQs

To get started with Admarkt Ad Manager today, sign in here.

If you’re new to Kijiji or have questions about the new ad posting limits, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.
* in applicable locations