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 What is a CarProof Report?

What is CarProof?
  • Canadian vehicle history reporting service.
  • Essential used car research tool.
  • Provides Canadian data that other reports do not.
  • Critical accident data, liens, import/export data, etc.
  • Full U.S. history included.

Who uses CarProof?
  • Canadian consumers from coast-to-coast.
  • Thousands of Canadian car dealers.
  • Major car manufacturers, lenders and insurers.
  • CAA, auto auctions and law enforcement.

Why Use CarProof?
From the Dealer's perspective:
  • Buy at the right price, sell at the right price.
  • Properly evaluate trade-ins.
  • Justify premium pricing.
  • Builds consumer confidence and brand loyalty.
  • Fulfills due diligence obligations.
  • Provides full disclosure and helps provide protection from liability.
From the Consumer's perspective:
  • Consumers are reassured by 3rd party reporting; a non-biased source of information.
  • Consumers are willing to pay a premium for “peace-of-mind”.
  • CarProof takes the stress out of buying a used car.
  • CarProof answers many of the customer’s questions before they even ask them.

Click here to view an example of a CarProof report!


Why CarProof?
CarProof is superior to its competitors because we insist on providing the best service and the best data available. CarProof is recognized as the industry standard for vehicle history reporting in Canada by automotive dealer associations coast-to-coast, major manufacturers, lenders, insurers, law enforcement and government agencies.

Real-time Data: Electronically connected “live” to our data sources. This means that our data is always current and not outdated. Other services purchase periodic data dumps that will often miss information that we capture.

Cross-Canada Guaranteed Lien Info: The only service that provides consumers with guaranteed cross-Canada lien search information (Verified and Verified BC products). We are connected live to each provincial and territorial Registrar responsible for maintaining these records. Other vehicle history report companies do not report any Canadian vehicle lien information. Further, only CarProof offers a guarantee regarding enforceable liens.

Accident Data: CarProof is an exclusively Canadian company which has access to critical accident data that allows both sellers and buyers to make a more informed decision when buying or selling a used vehicle.

Registration & Branding: The only service that is available to consumers providing critical real-time registration and branding information. This information discloses in which province or territory a vehicle is and/or was registered and what brand is associated with the vehicle (stolen, salvage, rebuilt, non-repairable, normal, etc.)

Full U.S. History: Provides consumers with data from one of the largest U.S.-based vehicle history services. Through our connection to Experian Automotive’s 2 billion+ record database, all of our reports include the data you would get from other popular U.S.-based vehicle history report services, but we also include important auction declaration information that others do not.

Bilingual: The only vehicle history report company to offer its entire website, vehicle history reports and live customer service in both English and French.

How Dealers Can Upload Pre-existing CarProof Reports onto Kijiji
When a dealer posts a listing, one of the three radio buttons says, "I already have a CarProof report. Please include it with my listing."
Selecting that option opens up a text field where the report’s URL can be pasted in.
Full report will then appear at CarProof tab.

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