Welcome to My Messages!


Kijiji has now launched a brand-new way to easily interact with buyers and sellers directly on the Kijiji site: My Messages.

As a registered user, all you need to do to access this new functionality is to click on the bubble icon at the top of the Kijiji Homepage: that is the gateway to My Messages. If you are not yet signed in, you’ll be prompted to do so before being redirected to My Messages.

From there, all your recent and current conversations will be displayed, as a list. That will allow you to access any conversation by simply clicking on it. Within each conversation, you can send messages, receive replies or block a conversation as you see fit. Rest assured, you can also unblock the conversation from this screen if necessary.


So, how does it work?

Well, it is quite simple! From any opened ad on the Kijiji site, you can send a reply, using the Contact Poster form. Once that initial contact has taken place, your conversation will appear in My Messages. New messages will auto populate in My Messages, as they come in, and will also be visible as a numerical marker on the bubble icon at the top of the Homepage, showing how many unread threads you have waiting for you.

Keep in mind the following:

  • For every message or reply you will send from the Kijiji site, either from the Contact Poster form or from My Messages an email will also be sent. You can choose to interact using My Messages or within your own email inbox, outside the Kijiji site. Note that there is currently no option to disable the reception of emails if you prefer using My Messages exclusively.
  • My Messages is not available for ads posted by professional users or ads posted in the Jobs category. In these cases, communication will need to take place using email only and the messages and conversations will not be shown within My Messages.
  • Conversations in My Messages will remain active for 60 days after the first message is sent. Afterwards, the conversations will no longer be active and will not be shown within My Messages.
  • This functionality is not available for unregistered users or if you are not logged into your Kijiji account. You can register easily from the Kijiji Homepage.