Safely Completing Transactions

Keep it local and face-to-face.
Whether you’re buying or selling, the transaction should take place in person, at a location decided upon by both parties. Conducting transactions in person also helps you avoid shipping charges, exchange rates, and most importantly, minimizes the risk of fraud.  Once the item has been thoroughly inspected, you can pay in cash, or as another safe alternative, pay with PayPal, where you can securely link your bank account, your credit cards and your VISA Debit without the seller knowing your account information.  It’s a quick and easy way to make a payment.
Recognize red flags.
Be wary of any buyer or seller that tries to move the transaction to a different website, or attempts to send or request money through the mail or a wire transfer without you being able to thoroughly inspect the item first.  

When you’re meeting in person, ensure you take the time to thoroughly inspect the item, even if it’s in a sealed box. If the seller is hesitant about letting you open the box, you may wish to avoid making the purchase, unless the seller’s credibility has already been established.  While there is perceived value in a sealed item, there may also be an added risk that the item is not as described in the ad.