Shop Local Businesses for Kijiji My Business Customers

Small and medium businesses make our neighbourhoods great places to live and work. As businesses across Canada have their operations disrupted, many have created contactless options to help Canadians continue to find what they need.

We created Shop Local Businesses, a meaningfully curated section in the Kijiji Village, where inventory offered by businesses that are open and offer contactless transactions can be discovered by Canadians.

All businesses that appear in Shop Local Businesses offer at least one of the following: curbside pickup, drop-off/delivery, shipping, or cashless payment. 

It is free to appear in the gallery on Shop Local Businesses and the search results page. Paid Features and Performance Listings bids will continue to apply in the search results. 

If you’re a Kijiji My Business customer and offer one or more of our contactless transaction options, getting started is easy.

For your active listings:

  • Select the listing from the Home Dashboard
  • Select the contactless transaction attribute(s) that you offer under ‘Fulfillment’ and/or ‘Payment’ in the ‘Details’ section 
  • Click ‘Save’
For your new ads:
  • Click the ‘New Ad’ button in the top right of the Home Dashboard
  • Select the contactless transaction attribute(s) that you offer within ‘Fulfillment’ and/or ‘Payment’ category 
  • Click ‘Submit ad’
If you are a current Kijiji My Business customer with questions about Shop Local Businesses you can reach out to our team here:

Is ‘Shop Local Businesses’ a new category?

Shop Local Businesses is not a new category. It is a curated section in the new Kijiji Village.

The Kijiji Village enables you to connect with community support and local businesses offering contactless options for transactions.

What is the difference between the gallery and results pages?

The gallery is in the Shop Local Businesses section on the new Kijiji Village, and highlights listings posted by small and medium businesses that offer contactless transaction options.

Search results pages are part of the usual Kijiji experience and display results from the marketplace that fulfill a user’s search and their applied filters.   

When a user clicks ‘See All’ at the end of the gallery in the Shop Local Businesses section they are taken to a curated results page that displays additional business listings that offer contactless transaction options.

How do listings get featured in Shop Local Businesses?
Eligible listings are those posted by a business and have at least one contactless transaction attribute in one of the curated categories.

Listings from our marketplace appear in the gallery on Shop Local Business based on buyer location. 

What are the categories within Shop Local Businesses?

 At launch, the curated sections within Shop Local Businesses are: 

  • Home and Garden (Kijiji posting category: patio & garden furniture)

  • Kids and family (Kijiji posting category:  toys, games)

  • Electronics (Kijiji posting category: iPads, tablets)

  • Landscaping and outdoor maintenance (Kijiji posting category: lawn, tree maintenance & eavestrough)

  • Fitness (Kijiji posting category: exercise equipment)

  • Tools (Kijiji posting category: power tools)

  • Arts & Crafts (Kijiji posting category: hobbies & crafts)

  • Classes (Kijiji posting category: classes & lessons)

  • Home office (Kijiji posting category: desks)

What are the contactless transaction options?

To be eligible to be featured in the Shop Local Businesses section, businesses must offer at least one of the following:
  • Curbside Pickup – You are willing to provide the item through curbside pickup. 
  • Drop-off/Delivery – You are willing to deliver the item to your customer.
  • Shipping – You are willing to ship the item through a third-party shipping service. 
  • Cashless Payment -  You accept a form of cashless payment (eCommerce, tap to pay, etc.)
Do Features like Top Ads and Bump Ups affect listing placement in Shop Local Businesses?
Features do not have an effect on your placement in the gallery on Shop Local Businesses; they do continue to apply in the search results page.

I assigned attributes to my listings, why aren’t they appearing in the gallery on Shop Local Businesses?
Shop Local Businesses is a curated section based on consumer demand and will not feature every Kijiji category at launch. 

Contactless transaction options will be visible in View Item Pages and filterable on Search Results Pages across the entire Kijiji ecosystem. We encourage businesses to apply the relevant attributes to all of your listings as this can help shoppers find your business and what you offer across the marketplace.