Job Subscription Benefits

With millions of visitors each month, can you afford to not have your listings shown to all those potential employees?

Our subscription benefits help deliver qualified candidates faster:

Automatic Feeding to Kijiji - If you have a database of over 25 job listings, Kijiji can syndicate listings from your database using a third party service.

Automatic Bump Up - After 31 days, ads are automatically bumped up.

Volume Discounts - For clients committing to subscription packages, Kijiji will provide a discount based on your posting volume and visibility feature usage (Bump Ups, Top Ads, etc).

Company Logos - Add logos to your account to increase the exposure of your business. Logos can be added to the search results page, to your Gallery page and to the individual jobs that are listed.

Free URL Links - All ads listed can include a link directly to your website. This link is also included on your Gallery page.

Tagline Feature - All ads listed can include a tagline, which is a bolded catch phrase, or company slogan that is displayed with the description on the search results page.

Gallery Page - Shows all listings at the same location with your company logo and contact information displayed.

Specialized Support - A dedicated Account Manager as well as direct access to our knowledgeable support team by email or phone.

Monthly Billing - Kijiji will bill monthly for your subscription package, rather than charging for individual listings; making accounting for your Kijiji listing investment much easier to manage.

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