To post directly on Kijiji Autos:

1Sign in to Kijiji Autos.
2Click Post Ad at the top of the screen.
3From the My Ads screen, click Create new ad.
4Click Continue next to Car Details to get started.
5Enter your vehicle’s information. Some information, such as Year, Trim, and Series, can only be filled in after choosing an option in one of the fields above, such as Make & Model.
6As you finish entering your vehicle’s details in each section, click Continue at the bottom of the screen to move into the next section. For help with adding photos, read our Adding Photos article.
7Once you’ve filled in all required detail fields, click Finish to be taken back to the Create new ad screen. You can then go back and edit any section you’d like. When you’re happy with your ad, click Publish & Continue.

That’s all it takes! After posting, your ad will be searchable on both Kijiji Autos and Kijiji.

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