Sunsetting AdMarkt and What You Need to Know

Performance Listings and Shopping Ads powered by AdMarkt will be discontinued on July 31, 2024! After July 31, any listings posted will not be live, and changes made to the Seller Portal will not take effect. 

What’s going on?
Kijiji is discontinuing Performance Listings and Kijiji Shopping Ads Powered by AdMarkt, effective July 31st. This change reflects our commitment to adapting to user needs and responding to feedback, embracing new technologies, and exploring innovative solutions to better serve our users.

What can I still do?
Until July 31st, you can still use AdMarkt to post your listings and review your reports as you normally would. However, after July 31st, any listings posted will not be live, and changes made to your listings in the Seller Portal will not be implemented. 

What alternative retail solutions will Kijiji offer instead? 
Kijiji is committed to providing alternative solutions for all our users and clients transitioning out of AdMarkt to continue to support your business goals and needs. Contact one of our team members to determine the best solution for you and your business. 
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