Posting as a Dealer or Owner

When deciding whether to post as 'for sale by owner' or as a 'dealer', please consider the following distinctions:

If you're selling multiple passenger or non-passenger vehicles, heavy equipment or recreational vehicles, we ask that you register your Kijiji account as a dealer. Some examples of related businesses include:

  • Dealerships, detailers, repair shops
  • Vehicle sales intermediated by Brokers or Internet representatives
  • Small businesses (home business, "fix and flip" operations)
  • Individuals selling vehicles regularly for profit

Note: If your household regularly lists vehicles, RV’s or heavy equipment for sale then you fit Kijiji's designation as a dealer. While you may not be an official dealer, high volume selling will assign this status to your account.

These rules are in response to requests from our community to uphold the open and safe operation of Kijiji for the benefit of buyers and sellers alike. Please take note and advertise responsibly.

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