Promoting Your Ad on Kijiji Autos

Promoting your ad on Kijiji Autos, just got easier.  
  • Sign into your Kijiji Autos account and click Post Ad in the top corner of the page to create a new post, or click the dropdown menu with your name and click Manage Ads, to edit an existing ad.*
  • If creating a new post, on the Create New Ad screen, underneath Car Details, click Continue and add the details for your vehicle ad and other relevant information to your post. Note that if editing an existing, published ad, minimum ad requirements will not be required to be re-entered.
  • Once complete, click Finish and then Publish and Continue to be taken to the Promote my ad section.*
  • The Top Ad and Inline Listing features are available to choose from; choose the feature and feature options that best suit your needs and click Continue.
  • On the payment screen, your order is listed for your review. Enter your payment details (VISA, Mastercard or American Express) and click Pay now to publish your featured ad.

If you require any additional assistance, please contact our Customer Support Team, here.

*The Post Ad button is accessible via the Kijiji Homepage only and can be used to sign in, if signed out; to access the Post Ad button via other pages, ensure you’re signed in and click Post Ad in the dropdown menu with your name.

Ads can also be promoted via the Promote My Ad button in the Manage Ads section; or, directly on the ad page, when viewing your post. 
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