Vehicle Parts, Tires & Accessories Listing Fees

To continue Kijiji’s top-quality classifieds experience, we have limits to the number of free ads each household or business can post in the Vehicle Parts, Tires & Accessories categories. If you need more, you’ll be able to go beyond the limit for a small flat listing fee. No muss, no fuss, more ads!


When Fees Are Required

Listing fees are applied if a member’s household or business goes above the ad limit in Vehicles Parts, Tires & Accessories. When a 21st ad is created, a listing fee will be requested before it’s posted.

The affected categories are:

CategoryAd Limit Per Category
Vehicle Parts, Tires, & Accessories20 ads (including any ads in Tires & Rims)
Tires & Rims8 ads

Note: Tires & Rims has its own limit of 8 ads but is also included in the overall 20 ad limit. This means that you can post up to 8 ads as long as your collective ads across all Vehicle Parts, Tires & Accessories categories is also below 20 when you post the 8th ad. For example, if you have 16 ads across Vehicle Parts, Tires & Accessories, then you will only be able to post 4 more ads in Tires & Rims. However, if you have 12 ads or less in Vehicle Parts, Tires & Accessories then you will be able to reach the full 8 ad limit in Tires & Rims.


Run Time of a Listing Fee

Listing Fees grant your ad a full 31-day period before they will need to be renewed and the listing fee will need to be applied again. If one of your free ads is removed during that time, one of your paid ads may then be reposted for free.


Leaving Ad Limits Behind

If you need to continually post a large volume of ads, you may want to look into our Kijiji for Retail solutions.

Kijiji for Retail makes it easy for businesses and high-volume sellers to take greater control of their Kijiji listings. It also offers enhanced selling options like posting one ad in multiple regions across Canada, a sleek new Ad Manager, and fixed positions in all relevant search results! Learn more about Kijiji for Retail, and how it can help you better reach the audience you need.

If you’re new to Kijiji or have questions about the ad posting limits, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.