Posting & Managing Performance Listings

Creating ads in Admarkt is just as quick and easy as creating ads on Kijiji.


Getting Your Ad Started

  1. Login to Admarkt.
  2. Click Post Ad.
  3. Choose where you want your ad to appear. You can enter a city, province, or select All Regions to have your ad appear across Canada.
  4. Tell us what type of item you’re selling. This will help determine the most appropriate category.
  5. Based on your item and your past ads, a category will be suggested. You can choose one of the suggested categories by clicking on it or selecting manually from the lists. Once you’ve selected your category, you’ll be taken to the ad creation page.

Entering Your Ad Details

  1. Enter a title for your ad. As a Performance Listing seller, you get 120 characters for your title. Try to enter as may relevant keywords into your title as possible to ensure that your ad reaches as many buyers as it can. Note: Please only use words directly related to the item you’re selling. Using keywords not relevant to the item you’re selling is against Kijiji policies.
  2. Add images of your item by dragging a file from your computer or clicking into the upload box and selecting a file. You can include up to 10 photos with your ad. Clear, unique images are one of the best ways to bring buyers to your ads. Make sure that your items are photographed in an uncluttered, well-lit area.
  3. Enter the description of your item. Ad descriptions should be detailed and unique. Including more information about your item or business will help your ad stand out. It will also help ensure your ad appears in more searches and will save you time answering questions from buyers.
  4. Enter a price. You can choose to enter a specific price or select Please Contact if you’d rather discuss a price with buyers directly. If entering a fixed price, please ensure that you only enter numbers. The price field will not accept letters or symbols.
  5. Enter your contact information. You can enter a phone number, a URL to your website, or use your account email address. You can enter all three if you’d like, but we only require one to be able to post your ad.
  6. Once you’re happy with the content of your ad, click Next. You’ll be taken to the budget page.

Setting Your Budgets

  1. First, set your cost-per-click amount (CPC). You can choose to enter a custom amount or select the optimal CPC for your category.
  2. After setting your CPC, set your budgets for daily maximum and total maximum cost for this particular ad. If you don’t want a limit, click No Limit.
  3. When you’re happy with your budgets, click Apply to post your ad.

Looking for more information on CPC and maximum budgets?


Your ad will go live quickly so that you can start selling right away. To see what your ad looks like to buyers, click Preview in the Admarkt ad manager. You can edit your ad or adjust your budgets at any time.


Editing Your Ad

You can edit active or paused ads at any time. The only parts of an ad that cannot be edited after posting are the ad’s category and location. To edit the ad title, details, or contact information, click on the ad title in the Admarkt ad manager. This will reopen the ad and allow you to change the contents.

To change your ad’s CPC, daily budget, or maximum budget, click on the drop-down menu and select Edit Budget. This will reopen the set budget page and allow you to change the budgets for that specific ad.

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