Using the Dashboard

The Admarkt dashboard is a simple tool that allows you to create, pause and delete ads from your inventory. It also allows you to manage your budget on each ad individually or on multiple ads at the same time.


Date Settings

The Admarkt dashboard defaults to showing you results from the current month. However, you can change this to any date range you’d like by clicking on the date drop-down menu. If you want to enter a custom range click Other… and then fill in the from and to date ranges.


Summary Board

The summary shows you how all of your ads performed during the selected date range. You can see each of the following:

Impressions: The number of times that any of your ads have appeared in a buyer’s search results.

Clicks: The number of times that a buyer has opened one of your ads.

CTR: The number of clicks, divided by the number of impressions. This gives you an idea of how many of the buyers that see your ads in the search results choose to click on it.

Engagement: The number of times a buyer has clicked on a contact point in one of your ads. Contact points include: the map or address, phone number, message button, or your website link.

Spend: The total amount spent through Admarkt during the selected date range.


Ad Manager

The ad manager is where you can create, edit and manage your ads. By default, ads are ordered from the most recently created ad to the oldest. You can change the order of your ads in the list by clicking on any of the table columns.

To find a specific set of listings, click on Ad Filters, then choose a status and/or category. If you’re looking for one particular ad, you can also search by title using the Ad Title Search field at the top right of the ad manager. Note: You must enter at least 3 letters to start a title search.


Managing your Ads

The ad manager has 3 control options to change the state of your ad:


The Activate button makes paused ads go live on the site. Buyers will be able to find your ad in searches, view it, and contact you.


The Pause button removes your ads from search results without deleting it permanently. While paused, buyers will not be able to see or click on your ad. There is no cost for keeping an ad paused.


The Archive button permanently deletes your ad. You will still be able to see it in the Archived list, but you will not be able to repost it without recreating the ad.

To change the state of one ad at a time, click on the drop-down menu and select either activate, pause, or archive from the menu. You can also click the checkbox to the left of the drop-down menu and then use the buttons along the top of the ad manager.

To perform bulk actions, click on the checkbox next to all of the ads you’d like to change. If you want to select every ad in your list, click on the Select All checkbox at the top of the table. Once your ads are selected, you can click on the action you want to perform from the buttons on top of the ad manager.


Archived Ads

Be cautious when archiving ads. Once an ad is placed in your archive, it can no longer be reactivated. You will always be able to view your archived ads, but if you’d like to repost it you will need to recreate it from scratch. To view your archived ads:

  1. Click Ad filters.
  2. Select Archived.
  3. If needed, select a category to only see the archived ads that were once in that category.
  4. Click Apply.

Once you’re viewing your archived ads, you can use the column sorting or Ad Title Search to find a specific ad.


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