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Kijiji Basics

What are the benefits of registering for Kijiji?

Becoming a registered Kijiji user makes managing your ads a breeze. Once you sign up, you’ll have access to “My Kijiji” where you can do just about anything in a few simple clicks—from promoting, editing or deleting your ad to managing your profile and settings.

How do I post an ad on Kijiji?

Post an ad on Kijiji in 3 simple steps:

  • Select the 'Post Ad' button at the top of the homepage.
  • Follow the steps and fill out all required fields. Add pictures and other details if relevant.
  • Hit the 'Post Your Ad' button at the bottom of the page and you're good to go!
How do I edit an ad?

“Sign In” to your account at the top of the homepage, and then via “My Kijiji”, select the “My Ads” page from the drop down menu. From there, click on the “Edit” link next to the ad you’d like to modify, make any changes you want and finish by clicking “Save Changes.” Simple! If you don’t have a registered Kijiji account, just click the “Edit My Ad” link in the activation email you received when you first posted your ad.

How long do ads stay active?

Ads in almost every category stay on Kijiji for 60 days. A few days before the ad is set to expire, we’ll send you an email with an option to repost, which will extend your ad by another 60 days and bring it back up to the top of its category.

Where can I find my ad?

It can take up to 24 hours for ads to go through our system before they’re posted. So if you don’t see yours yet, don’t worry! To make sure your ad is pending, just sign into your “My Kijiji” account and click on “My Ads.” You'll see the ad under the "Inactive" tab.

About ad features

What are the benefits of adding Kijiji features?

Kijiji features help your ad stand out from the crowd. It’s a no-brainer—the more people that see your ad, the better your chances of selling!

How much does it cost to promote an ad?

Promoting your ad is affordable and the best way to boost your ad’s visibility. Pricing will depend on the duration of the feature, the city and the category. If you already have an ad, just go to “My Kijiji,” click on “Get More Views” and choose the feature that’s best for you. If you’re posting a new ad, click the “Post Ad” button at the top of the homepage, check the “Promote My Ad” table for pricing and select your feature.

How can I pay for Kijiji features?

You can pay for your feature using PayPal, VISA or MasterCard, and all payments are securely processed through PayPal for your peace of mind. If you receive an error message when paying, read our troubleshooting tips. Visa and MasterCard are accepted via our iOS and Android apps.


Why are email addresses hidden on Kijiji?

Safety first! We automatically mask the emails of buyers and sellers and replace them with a secure Kijiji address, to protect your privacy and prevent spam and fraud. To answer an email, just hit “Reply” as you normally would.

How can I stay safe on Kijiji?

For the most part, Kijiji transactions are totally safe and problem-free. But just to be sure, use your common sense. The best way to stay safe is to make sure all transactions are made locally, in a public location, in person and with a secure means of payment. Consider using PayPal when making a large transaction rather than carrying cash. To learn more, read our safety tips.

What are Kijiji’s terms of use?

By using Kijiji, you’re agreeing to our Terms of Use, designed to make sure everyone has a positive and hassle-free experience. Give them a read when you get a chance and enjoy your visit!

Can’t find the answer you need? Visit our Help Desk or contact us for more information.

Homepage gallery

Get maximum exposure on the Kijiji homepage

The Homepage Gallery feature posts a second copy of your ad on the Kijiji homepage (along with a copy in the regular listings within its category), helping you reach the maximum number of buyers in your community.

Why Choose Homepage Gallery?

  • The homepage reaches all buyers, not just buyers in a given category.
  • Two locations for greater visibility, with up to 3x more views than regular ads.1
  • Best feature to highlight multiple items in one ad.

Benefits & Tips

  • Prominent homepage presence that puts your ad in the limelight!
  • Homepage Gallery ads have the most-viewed photos.

How it works

This feature posts your ad at the top of the Kijiji.ca homepage for ultimate visibility.

The Homepage Gallery doesn’t change the position of your ad in the general listings.

The Homepage Gallery can show up to sixteen ads at a time. If you want to display more ads, you can refresh the page or click on the arrow to the right of the ads to see more.

Draw potential buyers to your ad as soon as they land on the Kijiji homepage.

With thousands of views per day from the homepage, in addition to your ad’s usual views, you’re guaranteed to get more responses.

Homepage Gallery ads are displayed for a period of seven days.

Get Started

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Want more eyes on your ads? Make it happen with Kijiji features! Just log into your account, click on “Promote My Ads,” and choose the feature that’s right for you.

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Post a new ad

How can you make sure your new ad performs well? Purchase our features right when you post!

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(1) Compared to a non-featured ad. Based on the average increase in views/replies (as applicable) across all categories.

(2) Based on the average homepage impressions averaged across all categories.

(3) Based on the average number of views an ad receives in the first three (3) days once being posted, averaged across all categories.

We provide no guarantee regarding the number of views, replies or impressions your ad will actually receive.