Dealer Accounts

There are two types of dealer accounts on Kijiji Autos. This article addresses members looking to post a few vehicles at a time. If you are looking to post over 20 vehicle ads each month, please see our business solutions for dealers.

The dealer setting can be applied to any regular Kijiji account. After your account is set to dealer, you will gain all the benefits of posting as a dealer and will be required to apply a listing fee to each of your vehicle ads. This setting only affects ads posted in Cars & Trucks and Classic Cars.


How To Set Your Account To Dealer

Choosing the dealer option when posting will automatically switch your account over to a dealer account as soon as the ad is confirmed using the Post Your Ad button. Meeting the guidelines for a dealer account can also cause your account to be switched over.

Note: If you have accidentally switched your account to a dealer account, please contact our customer service team to have it corrected.

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