Posting as a Dealer or Owner

Whether you’re a new member or a seasoned Kijiji-enthusiast, you may not be clear on what the differences are between posting as a dealer or an owner. Each of these options carries its own limitations and benefits. Let’s dive in!



The owner option is meant for private sellers looking to sell their personal vehicles. However, if you post an unusual number of vehicles, you may still be bumped out of this option.

To qualify to post as an owner, you must fit all of the following criteria:

  • You are only selling personal or household vehicles
  • You are selling 2 vehicles or fewer in the same subcategory (at one time)
  • You only sell a few vehicles a year

If one of these is not true for you, then you may be required to post as a dealer. Remember that the title of dealer doesn’t necessarily mean large dealerships. Hobbyists and car enthusiasts can fall into this category as well if they sell multiple cars each year.


It’s free to post as an owner on Kijiji, however, you must stay within the 2-ad limit in the Cars & Trucks and Classic Cars categories. Once you’ve reached the free ad limit, you’ll need to pay a listing fee and start posting as a dealer.



Posting as a dealer doesn’t necessarily mean that you work in a car dealership. You could be a collector, using your mechanical genius to turn a profit or just happen to be selling a few family vehicles at the same time.

If you fit one or more of the following criteria, you will need to post as a dealer:

  • You need to post 3 or more vehicles in a category at the same time
  • You frequently post multiple vehicles at a time
  • You frequently make profit from selling vehicles on Kijiji (whether for yourself or for a business)


Posting as a dealer requires a listing fee for each ad. The cost of the fee is determined by the type of ad you’re posting and what area you’re posting in. Once you begin creating your ad, you will see the listing fee price next to the dealer option. If your account is set to Dealer, the listing fee is shown as the price of the Basic package.

Once your ad is posted, you’ll be given the full benefits of posting as a dealer.

If you’re posting more than 20 ads in a month, you may want to look into registering for our Dealer Subscription program.
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