Job Professional Posting Benefits

Kijiji Jobs is the number one job search site in Canada with millions of visitors each month. Posting your jobs on Kijiji will help you get the exposure you need to find qualified candidates.

Paid Job Professional listings include several features not found in listings posted by non-professional posters, including:

Quicker posting time and staggered postings- Professional listings are given priority when running through our security system and have a shorter delay time before they're added to the site. In addition, when listing more than 4 jobs at a time, Professionals can choose to stagger their ads so our system will post 4 per hour. This helps maximize visibility by spreading your listings across multiple pages.

Company logos - Ads listed by Professionals can include logos to increase exposure. These are visible on the search results page, Gallery page and on the individual ads that are listed.

Tagline Feature - Ads listed by Professionals include a tagline, which is a bolded catch phrase, or company slogan that is displayed with the description on the search results page.

Free URL links - All Ads listed by Professionals can include a link directly to their website. This link is also included on their Company page.

Gallery Page - Shows all job opportunities at the same address, with company logo and contact information displayed.

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