Why Sell Vehicles on Kijiji?

We hear it time and time again from our users: The Kijiji Cars & Vehicles category is Canada's best resource to buy and sell vehicles.



  • Vast selection: We have the largest selection of 'for sale by owner' car listings in Canada. This means you can be sure to find great car deals on Kijiji!
  • Peace of mind: With our vast dealer inventory, you can benefit from extended warranties, financing options, certification and history, professional cleaning and detailing, Better Business Bureau accreditation and much more!
  • Advanced search options: We offer advanced search options so you can refine your search results by: make, model, year, colour, transmission or mileage. You can even limit search results to show only privately owned or dealer owned vehicles.
  • It’s free! We don't charge you or the seller when you perform a transaction. Plus, since there are no fees for private sellers to list their cars, these savings get passed on to you.


  • Traffic: Kijiji is the most visited car site in Canada, with over three million visitors each month. When you post your car for sale, you know it will be seen by lots of potential buyers.
  • It’s easy! Whether you are a dealer or a private owner, listing your car for sale takes only a few minutes. Just fill in your car details, add photos, video or features and you’re set!
  • It’s free! It is free to list and sell your own car on Kijiji. Private owners are able to post a total of 2 car/ truck/ SUV ads at a time, free of charge. This includes 10 free pictures and the ability to edit or promote your ad to increase traffic to your advertisement.
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