Services Listing Fee

To continue Kijiji’s top-quality classifieds experience for buyers and sellers alike, we have limits to the number of free ads in the service categories. By reducing the number of repetitive ads in search results, your ads will be given the space they need to shine!

Each household or business can post up to 2 free service ads at a time, combined across most of the service categories. There are 4 exceptions that require a listing fee with each ad:

  • Moving and Storage
  • Automotive Services
  • Real Estate Services
  • Financial & Legal Services

When posting in any service category other than the 4 above, you will be able to post 2 ads for free, in any combination of categories you’d like. If posting in one of the 4 above, you will be required to apply a fee to each ad in that category.

When posting in Massage services, one free ad is permitted and any additional listings require an insertion fee.

Note: If you hit the limit in one of the service categories with 2 free ads, you’ll be able to post another free ad once you’ve removed one of your active free ads.


Going Beyond the Limit

Every seller is different, and so are their needs. Sometimes, you just need a few extra ads. If you run multiple businesses or offer many types of services, you can apply a listing fee to go beyond the limit. Listing fees allow extra ads to run for 31 days on the site. After that, you can apply another listing fee to keep it running for another 31 days.


Visibility Packages 

If you choose to apply a Visibility Package to your ad, you will not be asked to pay a listing fee for that ad until the package runs its course. Want extra ads and great perks? Check out our visibility packages here.



  • You should only list the same ad once, in the most appropriate city and category. If you want more exposure for your ad, please consider purchasing one of our many features.
  • Please read our Listing Fee policies before posting
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