Apple iOS Privacy Update

As part of a recent iOS update, Apple has included new privacy measures that allow activity tracking between applications to be disabled.

When application tracking is enabled, your permission is now required in-order for third party applications (including Kijiji) to access personal data and track activities between apps not owned by the specific developer.

Though opting into tracking is not required to use the Kijiji iOS app, by opting in via the Kijiji app, you’re able to receive more personalized (improved quality) advertising that’s relevant to your needs and interests.

Note: You can change your permissions via your iOS device, in Settings.

For further information on what data is collected via Kijiji and how it is used, please see the Kijiji Privacy Policy, found here.

For further information on the updated privacy measures and other features in Apple iOS, click here.

If you have any questions, please contact our Community Support Team, here.
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