Safety at the Meet Up

Once you’ve come to an agreement and decided you’re going to make the trade, it’s important to meet in person. Meeting in person helps to prevent miscommunication, allows you to inspect the vehicle one last time, and reduces the risk of scams.


Agree on a Safe Location

Unless you’re selling a vehicle that can’t be moved easily, it’s best to meet somewhere other than your own home. A public location will help ensure safety for both parties, especially if you can’t meet until the evening. Try to choose somewhere with plenty of light, other people, and if possible, security cameras. The parking lots of coffee shops, fast food restaurants, or even police stations are good choices.


Bring a Friend

Bringing a friend or family member with you is always a good idea. They can keep you company while you’re waiting, and help ensure everything goes smoothly.


Inspect What You're Buying Carefully

Even if you’ve seen photos and the seller ensures you that it’s in perfect condition, it’s important to inspect the vehicle thoroughly first. Even genuine sellers may not notice small stains or other issues. If the seller agrees, taking the vehicle to a mechanic together to have it inspected can settle any concerns.

The inspection is equally important for a seller. Ensure that the buyer looks over the vehicle, gives it a test drive, and knows about any wear and tear beforehand. That last inspection will make sure that both you and the buyer are aware of the vehicle’s condition. The goal is for nothing to be left unsaid that could cause issues later.

Once you’ve agreed to the deal, it’s time to complete the payment! Continue reading about safe payments here.

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