Browser Issues

Internet browsers are gateways through which we interact with web content. If part of the gateway isn’t working properly, it can cause issues with many different components of a site. Some common problems caused by browser issues are:

  • Buttons not working
  • Parts of the page missing or appearing differently
  • Information not saving after entering it on the page

If you’re experiencing a technical issue with Kijiji Autos, the first thing to check is your browser.

Note: Not all sites will be affected by browser issues. Each site reacts differently depending on its programming. If you haven’t seen any issues with other websites, that doesn’t necessarily rule out a browser issue.

Recommended Browsers

While most major browsers are supported, we recommend that you use Google Chrome for the best experience with Kijiji Autos.

Note: Internet Explorer is not officially supported.

Checking Your Browser Settings

There are a few things within a browser that need to be functioning in order for a website to work correctly. To quickly check your browser’s most important settings, visit

Make sure that:

  • Your browser is completely up to date
  • JavaScript is up to date and enabled
  • Cookies are enabled

After making the updates, completely close your browser and restart it. When it restarts, try the site again.

Still having trouble? Try clearing your cookies and cache.

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