Changing My Account Email

Kijiji Autos is linked directly to Kijiji. This means that you can use the same account for both websites. One email, one password, and no extra set up! If you already have a Kijiji account, login to Kijiji Autos with the same email and password.

If you want to change the email linked to both accounts, follow the steps below:

1Go to Kijiji.
2Click Sign In at the top of the homepage and enter your current email and password.
3From the My Kijiji drop down menu, click Edit Profile.
4Enter your new email address in the Details box.
5Save the changes by confirming your password at the bottom of the page.
6A confirmation email will then be sent to your new and old address. You will only need to confirm the change through your new email. Please follow the instructions provided.


  • Email addresses cannot be changed to ones that have been previously used to post on Kijiji.
  • If you don’t have a Kijiji account, click here to register.
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