Where Is My Ad?

Incorrect Filters

If you’ve posted your ad and can’t find it on Kijiji Autos, make sure that all of the filters you’ve selected are true for your vehicle. To double check this, select Reset Filters from the +Filters section and then re-select only the filters that match your vehicle.


Too Many Results

Kijiji Autos searches work by starting with all ads on the site. As you include more filters, it removes any ads that don’t fit the filters you’ve chosen. If you search using only one or two filters or with wide-ranging filters like “All Models” or province-wide locations, your ad will still appear but may take time to find due to the number of other ads.

To make the search easier, it’s best to narrow your search using the following filters:

  • Make and model
  • Your city
  • Private Seller vs Dealer
  • Price and/or kilometres

As you are adding filters, you can see the number of results changing. We recommend that you only search when there are less than 100 results to make the process faster.

Most members who have trouble finding their ads are looking in searches with hundreds or thousands of results.

Ad isn’t appearing on Kijiji either? Check out our article on finding your Kijiji ads.

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