What Information Can Be Seen When I Post?

In this day and age, privacy is always a top concern. Kijiji only shares the contact information that you want to show. Be cautious when including certain types of information within the body of your ad.


Emails and Phone Numbers

By default, emails are masked and phone numbers are behind the Reveal button. It can be tempting to include contact information in the body of your ad to speed up communication. However, by putting this information in the description you’re side-stepping the protections that are in place. This can increase the chance that you’ll be contacted by those who would otherwise not be able to get around our security measures.


Your Name

The name in your Profile is the name that will appear on your ads. It’s safest to use your first name only, or even a nickname. Including your last name is never recommended.



In most cases we don’t recommend giving out your address. If you are selling something that cannot be easily moved, it’s best to only provide your address over the phone or through private message after you’ve arranged the deal.

By default, ads in the Cars & Vehicles section (and therefore Kijiji Autos) mask your address in a general area. If you’d like to show your full address, you can choose this option using the checkbox called Show my exact location.



When taking photos of your item, pay attention to the details in the background. If you’re taking a photo of your vehicle, is your house number in the background? Is your motorcycle always in the same spot, unlocked? Cases of theft are extremely rare, but ensuring that your photos are taken with a neutral background could avoid any potential issues.

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