If you already have an account with Kijiji, you can sign into Kijiji Autos using the same email and password. If you don’t have a Kijiji account, getting started is quick, easy and free!

To register:

1Click Register now at the top of the Kijiji Autos homepage.
2Enter your email, a password, and the name you’d like others to see when you message them on Kijiji Autos.
3When done, click Create an Account at the bottom of the form.
4You’ll receive a welcome email to the address you entered in the form. To finalize your account, open the email and click Activate Your Account.

You’re all set. You should now be able to sign in and begin your journey to that perfect new ride!

Note: If you haven’t received your welcome email, please check your email’s junk and spam folders. Make sure to add noreply@id.kijiji.ca and the domains @mail.kijijiautos.ca and @rts.kijiji.ca to your email’s safe list as well.

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