Importance of Adding Your TRIM & VIN

When purchasing items as expensive as a vehicle, buyers are looking for as much information as possible, so the more you provide, the better. Adding your VIN and TRIM information will tell buyers more about the car’s make, model, and history. It also shows that you’re a trustworthy, serious seller, which will attract more serious buyers and save you time answering questions.



A TRIM is a variation of the standard set of features on a specific vehicle’s make and model (e.g., like the difference between having an iPhone 6 or 6S). The TRIM is indicated at the end of the vehicle’s make and model. For example, in the Honda Civic DX or Honda Civic LX the DX and LX are the trims.

Note: If you purchased the basic model of a vehicle, you may not have a TRIM.

Benefits of Adding a TRIM

Adding your TRIM will add more specific information about your vehicle that might catch a buyer’s eye. Some buyers may also be looking for a specific TRIM variant if they’re looking for a feature like a sunroof or leather seats.

Finding Your TRIM

You should be able to find your vehicle’s TRIM in the following places:

  • On the original sale’s invoice or window sticker
  • In the owner’s manual (with some vehicles)
  • On a decal on the side or back of the vehicle
  • On the manufacturer’s website by using their VIN decoder (if available)
  • On a CARFAX Canada Vehicle History Report or Vehicle History Report + Lien Check

Adding Your TRIM Information

You can add your TRIM in the TRIM field (found below Make and Model) of the Post Your Ad form. For more detailed information on how to do this, check out our articles on posting ads or editing ads.

Note: Please make sure that you enter the TRIM name in its official spelling.


VIN Number

A VIN number is a 17-digit string of numbers that is specific to your vehicle. It includes all of the information about your vehicle down to which manufacturing plant it was built in.

Note: There is no personal information linked to your VIN number that could compromise your safety.

Benefits of Adding a VIN

As a VIN number is specific to your vehicle, it brings extra benefits that adding a TRIM alone does not. Adding a VIN number can:

  • Auto-fill many fields in the Post Your Ad Form to save you time
  • Allow buyers to request a Car History Report

Finding Your VIN Number

You should be able to find your VIN number in the following places:

  • On the driver-side of your vehicle’s windshield
  • On your ownership papers
  • On your vehicle insurance pink slip
  • On your vehicle insurance account (online)

Adding Your VIN Number

You can add your VIN number in the top field of the Post Your Ad form. For detailed instructions, see our article on posting ads or editing ads.


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