Using Search Filters

Whether you’re browsing just to see what’s out there or narrowing in on that perfect vehicle with laser-point precision, learning how to use the full power of our search filters will make browsing for your next vehicle a breeze.


The Filters Window

Once you’ve hit search, you’ll be brought to the search results page. At the top of this page, you’ll see the +Filters button. This is where the real power of searching comes into play. From this window you can select a price range, body type, transmission, drivetrain and more.


Selecting Location

1Open the +Filters window.
2Type in your address or postal code into the Location bar. Once you’ve entered your location, click out of the search bar to let it load. Alternatively, you can click the arrow button within the location bar to have it detect your area automatically.
Note: This will require you to allow us to detect your location. To do this, you’ll have to click Allow when your browser asks for permission.
3Select a maximum distance filter. This will remove any ads that are more than the selected distance from your location. It defaults to 100km, but you can select as close as 1km or as far as 1,000km.

Note: If you want to search all of Canada, remove your location from the search results.


Selecting a Trim

The trim field will allow you to type in any trim you’d like. Please make sure that you’re entering in the trim exactly as it’s written by the manufacturers. If there are no search results under the trim you’ve entered, it will show the closest matches to what you entered.


Selecting Your Filters

Once you’re within the +Filters window, you can select as many filters as you’d like by clicking on one of the options. Many of the filters also allow multiple types to be selected at once to allow you total control over your own searches. For example, if you’re interested in sedans but aren’t quite ready to give up your dream of finding the perfect convertible, you can select both!

Remember, the search will default to all types until you select something specific, so if you don’t have a preference, you don’t need to choose an option for that filter.

Just like in the main search bar, you’ll see the number of results change in real time as you select filters. When you’re satisfied, hit the Results button.


Editing Filters

You can alter or completely clear your filters at any time. Editing can be done from the search results page or the +Filters window. After searching, you’ll see all of your applied filters along the top of the page. Each one will have the name of the option with an X beside it. Click on any of names of the filters to bring up its options.

Clicking on an unselected option will add it. Re-clicking on a selected option will deselect it. When you’ve made your changes, click the Results button to search again.


Removing Filters

In the search results page, you’ll see each of your selected filters along the top of the page. You can remove filters one at a time by clicking the X next to them. To remove them all at once, click +Filters, then Reset All at the top of the page.