Ads can only be deleted from the platform they were originally created on. This means that if your ad was originally created on Kijiji, it must be managed from Kijiji directly. For help with deleting an ad on Kijiji, read Deleting My Ad.

To delete an ad created on Kijiji Autos:

1Sign in to Kijiji Autos.
2Click your Profile button (the button with your name) and select Manage Ads from the list.
3Click Manage ad next to the ad you would like to remove.
4Click Delete.

That’s it! Your ad will be removed from both Kijiji and Kijiji Autos within a few minutes of the deletion.

Note: We're working towards allowing all users to post and manage their cars through Kijiji Autos to make selling your car even easier. Currently, only a small percentage of random users have this option. We will be allowing more users to post through Kijiji Autos slowly over time to ensure that we create the best possible experience. If you do not see the option to post through Kijiji Autos, you can still post on both Kijiji and Kijiji Autos by posting in the Cars & Trucks category on Kijiji.