Sorting Search Results

The sorting option determines the order of your search results in the queues. There are several options, including:

Best Match

The Best Match option uses your account history to determine which ads you’re most likely to want to see. It then orders your search results from the ad you’re most likely to be interested in, to the least likely. The more you use Kijiji Autos, the more accurate this sorting option will become.

Low Price

The Low Price option orders your search results from the cheapest price to the most expensive.

Most Recent

The Most Recent option arranges ads from the newest ads to the oldest.

Note: Ads in the Promoted sections are not restricted by sorting options and will appear in order of their randomly selected rotation.


To choose a sorting option:

1Begin a search.
2Click on the sorting button in the top right corner of the results list. By default, this button will say Best Match
3After clicking on the button, you will see 3 options appear. Select the one you’d like to use. Your results will re-sort automatically.

Once you’ve chosen the sorting order, it will continue to sort in that order until you sign out or leave Kijiji Autos.

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