If you already have an account with Kijiji, you can sign into Kijiji Autos using the same email and password. If you don’t have a Kijiji account, you’ll need to register an account and then you can get started!

To Sign In:

1Click Sign in on the Kijiji Autos homepage.
2Enter the email and password that you used to register.
3Click Sign in.
4If requested, follow the instructions in the reCAPTCHA test and hit Verify.
Note: If you’re having trouble with the images, you can click the Get A New Challenge button to reset it, or, select Get An Audio Challenge to listen instead.

To sign out, click the dropdown menu (button with your name) located at the top of the Kijiji Autos homepage and select Sign out.

If you’re unable to login following the steps above, check for browser issues.

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