Inline Listings

When you purchase a Bump Up on Kijiji, your ad will also be given the opportunity to appear as an Inline Listing on relevant Kijiji Autos searches for 24 hours at no extra cost.


How Inline Listings Work

When you buy a Bump Up on Kijiji, your ad may also appear in the Kijiji Autos Inline Listing section for matching search criteria. These spaces appear periodically throughout the search results and will be labelled as promoted.

While one copy of your ad will be shown in the Inline Listing sections, a second copy will continue to appear above or below the promoted ads as it normally would. So, if you notice your ad outside of the promoted sections, don’t worry!

If there are more than 2 Inline Listings within a search, they will be chosen randomly to fill each spot. Every time “load more” is clicked or the search is restarted, a new random selection will be shown. Rest assured that even if you don’t see your ad right away, other buyers will.

Example: If there are 4 Inline Listings within a specific search, then each ad will have a 50% chance of being shown in the first two Inline Listing spots. When more results are loaded, they will again have a 50% chance of being shown in the next 2 Inline Listing spots.


How Long Inline Listings Are Active

When you purchase a Bump Up, your ad will also be given the opportunity to appear as an Inline Listing for 24 hours. During that period, your ad will continue to appear in the Inline Listing sections on Kijiji Autos. If another Bump Up is applied to your ad within that 24-hour period, the original 24-hour inline listing timer will be extended by 24 hours.

Example: An Inline Listing applied on Tuesday at 9am will expire on Wednesday at 9am. However, if you were to apply another Bump Up feature on Wednesday at 7am, your Inline Listing would now expire on Thursday at 9am.


Why Kijiji Autos Has Inline Listings Instead of Bump Ups

On Kijiji, ads are ordered by the date they were posted, so every user sees ads in the same order. Bump Ups move your ad up by altering the date on your ad to the date and time of the Bump Up.

Kijiji Autos displays ads in a different order. It uses each user’s Kijiji Autos browsing history to try and determine which ads they are most likely to be interested in. The ads are then displayed from the ad that is most likely to match their preferences to the ad that is the least likely to.

Inline Listings will help to ensure that your ad is more visible on both platforms, for the same low cost.