Bump Up Feature

Back on top! A Bump Up pushes your ad from its current position in the listings (for example, page 5) and places it back at the top of the first page, where it will gain better exposure in its category and in any relevant searches. It’ll remain at the top until another Kijiji ad is posted or bumped up, at which point your ad will move down accordingly. As such, it doesn’t keep it on the front page indefinitely.

Note :

  • The Bump Up feature will reset the post date of your ad however, it won't extend the life of your ad.
  • Bump Ups can be purchased for ads in all categories except for those posted in Events and Garage Sales, as these categories are sorted by the event date, not by the posting date of the ad.

Recurring Bump Up

Let us do the work for you by automating your Bump Ups! Since your ad will get more exposure when it’s near the top of the listings, it only makes sense to keep it there as often as possible. Of course, you can always Bump Up your ad manually anytime you choose, but if you’d like to post your ad and then forget about it, we can Bump it up automatically every 3 days for you to prevent it from dropping further down in the listings.


How does it work?

Sign in to your My Kijiji account, and select My Ads. In the Active tab, go to the ad you wish to Bump Up and click on Get More Views. A menu with all features will unfurl. You can choose 1, 3, 5 or 10 Bump Ups for that specific ad by clicking on the + symbol to reveal the different Bump Up options. If you choose more than 1, the remaining Bump Ups will be applied to your ad every 3 days until they’re all used. Once you've made your choice, click on Check Out and follow the payment steps to finalize your purchase.

Note :

  • If you’d like to Bump Up your ad before the 3-day interval is up, you can still do that manually by selecting 1 Bump Up, and it won’t affect the others you’ve purchased.

To learn how Bump Ups purchased in the Cars & Trucks and Classic Cars category apply to Kijiji Autos, read our Inline Listings article.