So you’ve found that perfect something on Kijiji? Here’s how to get it!

Sending a Reply

1Contact the seller of an item by using the Contact Poster box found directly under the About the Poster section on the right-hand side of an ad.  Enter your email address, a message to the seller and complete the reCaptcha if required.
2If you wish to receive an email copy of the reply simply check Send me a copy of email. This option is only available to users who are signed into their Kijiji account.
3Select Send Email and your reply will be sent! The seller can then contact you directly.

After sending a message, you will be able to review all of your recently sent messages by signing into your account and going into My Messages. To access My Messages, click on the bubble icon in the top right corner of the page.

Please note that when signed into your Kijiji account, your email address will automatically be filled into in the Contact Poster form when viewing Ads. This is only visible to you and no one else. This feature helps you reply faster and avoid typos!


Receiving a Reply

When someone replies to your ad (hurray!), you will receive the response both within the My Messages section and to the email address you used to post the ad.

To delete a conversation, go into My Messages and click on the box on the left-hand side. Once you have one or more conversations selected, click Delete. After removing a conversation, it won’t be visible in My Messages. However, if you still have the email copy, you can reply there and it will reappear in My Messages after a new message is sent.

Your email address and the sender's email address will remain masked throughout the transaction (showing the domain as no matter which way you reply, so choosing between My Messages or sending an email is only a matter of which is more convenient for you. Important note: The email address on messages sent to Job ads or professional listings (car dealers, etc) will not be masked.

If you can see a reply in My Messages but aren’t seeing the email version, you may need to add and, as well as the domain to your email safe list to prevent messages from getting caught by your email’s filters. Remember to check your junk and/or spam folders as well.