Sorting Search Results

When searching for something specific, Kijiji offers two ways to fine tune results and improve the experience in terms of locating the items of interest - Sort & Filters.


The sorting option determines the order of the search results on the page. There are several options including:

  • Best Match - ‘Best Match’ option is only available for keyword searches and arranges ads from what our sort algorithm deems to be the most to least relevant  based on several factors including (but not limited to) title, description, category, recency etc.
  • Most Recent - ‘Most Recent’ option arranges ads from the newest ads to oldest
  • Least Recent - ‘Least Recent’ option arranges ads from the oldest ads to newest
  • Lowest Price - ‘Lowest Price’ option arranges ads from the least expensive to most expensive
  • Highest Price - Highest Price’ option arranges ads from the most expensive to least expensive

Kijiji would default to a sort option based on the search category and the individual search characteristics.

Note: Ads in the “Top Ads” sections are not impacted by sorting options and will appear in order of their randomly selected rotation.


If keywords and category aren’t enough to find exactly what you’re looking for, you may find the options on the left side of the page useful. This section allows you to remove any listings that don’t fit a specific filter. Some things you can use these options to filter:

  • Wanted vs Offering ads
  • Posted by a professional/dealer or owner
  • Ads within a specific price range
  • And so much more!

Note: Be sure that you have chosen a category and subcategory first, as these options change to be specific for those types of ads.

Example: The filter options within Cars & Vehicles are limited because it also includes Tires & Rims, Motorcycles, and other categories where certain filters don’t apply. Once you narrow this down to Cars & Trucks, you’ll see many more filter options such as colour, body type, and condition.

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