SMS/Whatsapp Delivery/payment requests

Important: Delivery Scam via Whatsapp / SMS
Kijiji does NOT currently offer delivery and is not affiliated with any delivery service or direct payments. 

If you receive any Whatsapp or SMS messages from potential buyers offering delivery as a service, or a QR code to receive payment, do NOT click on the link or enter your payment details. This is fraudulent and not a valid payment method. You should immediately end the conversation and report this activity to us here. If you have already provided your payment details, please contact your bank or credit card provider so they can assist further. 

An example would be which looks like it could be coming from Kijiji but is in fact fraudulent. A legitimate link from Kijiji will always start with with a backward slash after the .ca. If you see a link that has a period after the .ca it’s most certainly a phishing attempt. Please report these links to us.

Image of the phishing url in the Chrome browser address bar

Example in Safari browser

Image of the phishing url in the Firefox browser address bar


example of phishing site    Example of phishing payment page

Remember, if you are contacted outside of Kijiji messaging, it may be a scam. Use Kijiji messaging wherever possible for your own safety. 


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