Kijiji’s location search allows you to filter ads by distance, instead of city limits. This means that you have better control of exactly where you search. Whether you’re in the heart of the city or out in the country, you’ll be able to search within the area you want.

To start a search:

1Click into the location field in the search bar and type in an area. You can enter your street address, postal code, city, or province. You can even search all of Canada.
2Select an option from the drop-down list of suggested areas. Note: You must select one of these options before hitting apply.
3Using the Distance slider along the bottom, choose the maximum distance from your selected location that you’re willing to travel.
If you want to limit your searches to the boundaries of your city or province, click Search all of (your location) instead of using the slider. Note: this button will lock you into particular map regions and may group smaller towns into more populated city centres.
4Click Apply.

It’s that simple! Using this new type of search, you get more control and more accurate results. Time to get out there and look for your next great Kijiji find!

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